BTS Jin's self-composed solo track 'Moon' has surpassed 194 million streams on Spotify, continuing to shine in popularity. 'Moon', included in BTS's fourth regular album 'MAP OF THE SOUL:7', is a song that metaphorically expresses Jin's love for his fans, comparing them to the Earth and himself as the Moon that protects and revolves around them. The song, highlighting Jin's solid vocal skills and clear, refreshing tone, remains beloved even three years after its release.

'Moon' has not only achieved numerous records but also garnered high praise from prominent music magazines and journalists. Rolling Stone ranked 'Moon' fifth in "75 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time" in 2020, and renowned music journalist Rob Sheffield listed it as the 7th best song of 2020. Rolling Stone praised 'Moon' as a love song for fans, characterizing it as a boy band genre song uniquely colored by BTS's style.

Brian Hiatt of Rolling Stone lauded Jin's vocal prowess, particularly his impressive range demonstrated in 'Crystal Snow'. He mentioned Jin's ability to go beyond falsetto as an example of the extreme vocal range showcased by BTS.

Jin's 'Moon', with heartfelt lyrics written by Jin himself, portrays his desire to always be close to his beloved fans. The song's thoughtful lyrics like "Do you know how beautiful your existence is?" have deeply resonated with fans. Meanwhile, Jin enlisted as an active-duty soldier in December last year and is currently serving as an instructor at the new recruit training center of the Army's 5th Infantry Division.