V from BTS has clinched two titles at the Season 3 Best K-Music Awards of the KM Chart, shining a spotlight on his popularity. He won both 'Best K-Music Artist' and 'Best K-Music' in the third season's final tally of the KM Chart.

The KM Chart, organized by the Korea Management Federation, is a chart that provides a comprehensive view of K-Pop global trends for fans worldwide who love Korean culture.

Winners of the KM Chart are selected based on big data related to music, album sales, broadcasting, and social media, by a panel of experts from the domestic entertainment industry and academia.

KM Chart stated, "V captured the public's heart with his striking visuals and husky baritone voice, marking his third appearance on the KM Chart as a member of BTS." Previously, BTS members Suga and RM have also won awards in past seasons.

KM Chart remarked, "V showcases a charm and a sense of minimalism different from his intense presence in BTS," and expressed support for his further ascent as a solo artist.

On September 8th, V released his debut solo album 'Layover.' With this album, he sought to present works reflecting his personal taste and identity, distinct from his persona as a member of BTS. The album, which included music videos for all five tracks, received high praise for visually representing each song.

'Layover' is based in R&B, blending 1970s soul and jazz, reflecting V's personal taste, as previously demonstrated through his song recommendations. The album exudes a relaxed and sophisticated vibe, sensual atmosphere, and straightforwardness, resonating with the image V has shared with fans on social media.

Choosing artistry over mainstream appeal, V left a lasting impression with his musical color and created a critically acclaimed album. The tracks dominated music charts worldwide and achieved commercial success with nine wins on various music show charts.

With high album sales recording a double million for the first time in 23 years, V played a key role in driving HYBE's record-breaking third-quarter earnings, capturing both artistic and commercial success.