In the ever-competitive world of K-pop, BTS has once again emerged as the undisputed leader in brand reputation, according to the latest analysis by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute. The data, collected from October 11, 2023, to November 11, 2023, encompasses over 56 million big data entries related to boy group brands, assessing various indices including participation, media, communication, and community.

BTS, securing the top position in the November 2023 boy group brand reputation rankings, achieved a remarkable brand reputation index of 9,173,202. This figure represents a significant increase of 54.46% from their October score of 5,938,734. Their brand was analyzed based on participation (266,808), media (2,212,635), communication (3,055,925), and community (3,637,833) indices.

Following BTS in the rankings, Seventeen claimed the second spot with a brand reputation index of 5,319,383, marking a 16.81% rise from their previous score. Seventeen's brand analysis included a participation index of 423,604, a media index of 1,580,822, a communication index of 1,101,796, and a community index of 2,213,161.

NCT, securing the third position, witnessed a marginal increase of 0.57% in their brand reputation score, reaching 3,630,678. Their brand analysis encompassed a participation index of 75,282, a media index of 847,937, a communication index of 591,609, and a community index of 2,115,851.

Rize, capturing the fourth spot, achieved a brand reputation index of 2,466,798, analyzed based on a participation index of 229,690, a media index of 559,364, a communication index of 871,733, and a community index of 806,010.

EXO, ranking fifth, experienced a 9.71% decline in their brand reputation index, totaling 2,264,965. Their brand analysis included a participation index of 80,488, a media index of 764,412, a communication index of 592,445, and a community index of 827,621.

The November 2023 boy group brand reputation analysis also included prominent groups such as Stray Kids, The Boyz, Zero Base One, Super Junior, Treasure, SHINee, ENHYPEN, VIXX, Tomorrow X Together, Monsta X, ASTRO, Pentagon, ATEEZ, Shinhwa, Winner, ONF, 2PM, Boy Next Door, Golden Child, Wanna One, TVXQ, UNI.T, Highlight, BTOB, SF9, Infinite, Fantasy Boys, Block B, GOT7, 2AM, FT Island, Teen Top, Tempest, Omega X, B1A4, WithUs, ONEUS, Sechs Kies, Big Bang, DKB, BAE173, EPEX, Cravity, Xdinary Heroes, and P1Harmony.

This comprehensive analysis illustrates the dynamic landscape of the K-pop industry, where BTS continues to maintain its dominant position, setting benchmarks for success and influence in the genre.