BLACKPINK showcased their unwavering friendship amidst rumors of a split with YG Entertainment.

On September 29, Jisoo and Rosé showed their support for Lisa, who became the first K-pop singer to perform on the Crazy Horse stage in Paris. Holding a large yellow bouquet, Lisa expressed her gratitude to the two, saying, "Thank you for supporting my first show. Love you!"

Lisa performed at the Crazy Horse, one of the top three cabarets in Paris, on September 28th. Jisoo and Rosé, who were in Paris on the day of her first performance, visited the venue and warmly greeted fans. Additionally, a photo featuring Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Spanish singer Rosalía was shared.

The 'Crazy Horse' is renowned as one of the top three shows in Paris alongside 'Moulin Rouge' and 'Lido'. While it has garnered attention from global stars like Steven Spielberg, Beyoncé, and Christina Aguilera, it has also faced controversies for its provocative performances and portrayal of women. In 2015, when 'Crazy Horse' held a performance in Korea, it was rated as inappropriate for minors due to its explicit scenes.

Lisa's participation in the show sparked debates. However, in her debut performance, while she wore more conservative attire than other dancers, her performance was still deemed sensual and sexy. Recently, the members of BLACKPINK have been at the center of discussions regarding their contract renewals. Having debuted in 2016, the group, now in their seventh year, is currently in talks with YG Entertainment about renewing their contracts.

Various reports and rumors have surfaced regarding the renewal. It's been reported that only Rosé has agreed to renew with YG, while the other three members, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa, are considering a strategy where they would remain with different agencies but come together for BLACKPINK activities for six months of the year. There have also been reports that Jisoo and Jennie are considering establishing their own agencies.

Notably, rumors have circulated that Lisa received overseas offers exceeding hundreds of millions of won. However, all these remain speculations, and YG Entertainment maintains that "nothing has been confirmed regarding BLACKPINK's renewal and future activities, and discussions are ongoing."

Amidst this, Lisa drew attention when she departed for Paris via Incheon Airport on the 24th, traveling alone without staff, security, or a manager.

However, amidst all the speculations, BLACKPINK's strong bond and support for each other stood out, with only member Jennie being noticeably absent, raising curiosity.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK successfully concluded their 'BLACKPINK World Tour [In Your Area] Final in Seoul' at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on September 16th and 17th.