BLACKPINK's Lisa, who recently graced the stage of France's renowned cabaret show 'Crazy Horse', known for its content showcasing female dancers' bodies, has expressed her anticipation for the next performance.

On September 29, Lisa shared a photo of her back view from the 'Crazy Horse' venue on her Instagram story, captioning it with, "READY FOR DAY 2?"

She also revealed photos taken with members Jisoo, Rosé, and pop star Rosalía, who came to celebrate her 'Crazy Horse' debut. Especially to Jisoo and Rosé, she expressed her gratitude with an Instagram story saying, "Thank you for cheering on my first show - Love you!"

Previously, on the 28th (local time), Lisa took to the 'Crazy Horse' stage for the first time. She had previously posted a photo from the venue, expressing her eagerness to perform soon with the caption, "Can't wait for this to finally happen! D-1 See you soon."

Started in 1951, 'Crazy Horse' is considered one of the top three cabaret shows in France. The essence of the show is to illuminate the female nude form with lights and projections. Despite the high ticket prices, the show featuring Lisa was sold out.

Under the theme "Crisis? What Crisis?", the performance depicted a female CEO stressed by the fluctuating stock prices during an economic crisis, gradually shedding her office attire.

'Crazy Horse' is renowned as a strip and nude show. According to reviews from fans who attended the show, Lisa, unlike other dancers, appeared in an outfit that covered essential parts, including her chest.

When news broke that globally recognized K-pop idol Lisa would be performing at 'Crazy Horse', there were concerns, especially among domestic fans, about excessive sexual commodification and potential vulgarity.

However, Lisa actively promoted her appearance at 'Crazy Horse', sharing her excitement on her personal Instagram and posting photos with the dancers.

Meanwhile, the four-member girl group BLACKPINK (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa), which debuted in 2016, is currently in contract renewal discussions with YG Entertainment.