BTS member J-Hope has continued his charitable deeds even while serving in the military. On the 10th, a food truck company posted on their official SNS, "At the Yangsan Companion Dog Training Center. We're here volunteering with wonderful people. A cool veterinarian and lovely nurses are being treated to coffee and hot dogs by BTS's J-Hope^^. We're happy to see them enjoy."

J-Hope sent a food truck to the volunteer site of the Veterinary Association for Abandoned Animals (referred to as "버동수"). Notably, a banner displayed in the shared photos read, "BTS's J-Hope sends love through this food truck. Enjoy your meal," reflecting his heartfelt gesture.

In relation to this, the Veterinary Association commented on the 11th, "BTS's J-Hope's mother and fan club (K-ArmyHopes) provided volunteer support, treated us to food, and even sent a food truck." They added, "It's the first time we've received coffee and tea while volunteering. It was a unique experience. We will always support the global artist, BTS's J-Hope."

Meanwhile, J-Hope is currently serving as an instructor at the 36th Infantry Division's new recruit training battalion in Wonju, Gangwon-do. His expected discharge date is October 2024.