BTS Jimin's 'Like Crazy' has been hailed as the top Korean song on the Billboard 'Hot 100' in 2023, illuminating its global popularity. According to Chart Essentials, a platform that reports real-time global music charts, Jimin's 'Like Crazy' secured the sixth place among the songs that hit number one on the 2023 Billboard 'Hot 100', earning 319 points, thus recording it as the best Korean song across both solo and group categories.

As of July 29th, 'Like Crazy' is the only Korean song among the 25 that topped this year's Billboard 'Hot 100', an impressive feat accomplished solely by Jimin and his global fans, without large-scale advertising, Spotify playlists, or radio promotion, thus surpassing renowned pop stars.

Particularly among the new releases in 2023, Jimin's solo prowess is becoming more evident, as 'Like Crazy' ranks third after Miley Cyrus's 'Flowers' and Morgan Wallen's 'Last Night'. Jimin has risen as a global pop icon by being the first and only Korean solo artist to top the 'Artist 100' chart.

According to the latest Billboard chart dated July 29th, 'Like Crazy' has reached number two this week, the highest K-pop ranking on the 'World Digital Song Sales' chart, marking its 13th week on the chart and obtaining the most number one spots (four times) among Korean solo songs in the last decade.

On the 'Global 200' chart, which holds the highest sales record in the history of Korean solo artists, 'Like Crazy' climbed to 29th, and on the 'Global (Excluding US)' chart, it ascended to 20th. On both charts, it has seen a significant rise from last week, maintaining a high popularity streak for 17 consecutive weeks.

The album 'FACE' has reversed its course for the second week in a row, coming in ninth on the 'World Album' chart, setting a new record for a Korean solo album with four consecutive weeks at number one and 14 weeks in the top 10. In the 'Top Album Sales' and 'Top Current Album Sales' charts, it placed 82nd and 45th respectively, making its name known for 17 consecutive weeks in all three categories.

'Angel Pt.1', the soundtrack for the movie 'Fast & Furious 10', which Jimin participated in as the first Korean artist, is charting for the ninth consecutive week. It's at 148th on the 'Global 200' and 107th on the 'Global (Excluding US)', setting a record of having two songs on both charts along with 'Like Crazy'.

Following his unprecedented achievement as the first Korean solo artist to top the Billboard 'Hot 100', and the only one to top the 'Artist 100', Jimin has set a monumental milestone in the Korean music industry. He has achieved long-term domination on the main Billboard charts, proving his powerful status as the most successful K-pop artist of the first half of 2023, and a true pop icon.