BTS Jimin has touched the hearts of fans with his heartfelt dedication to the stage.

On July 9, in commemoration of the 'ARMY' (BTS fan club) anniversary, BTS and their label Big Hit Music released the 10th-anniversary debut official book, 'Beyond the Story'.

'Beyond the Story' chronicles BTS's journey from trainees to global artists, suggesting that the team's identity, originally championing hip-hop idol, shifted with Jimin's joining. It was mentioned that "Jimin's arrival at this dormitory itself was a sign of the debut team's character change".

Though he felt a great deal of pressure when his debut was confirmed just six months into his trainee period, Jimin stated that he "really wanted to find the reason why I am in this scene". He did not rest on his innate talent but put in blood, sweat, and tears, captivated attention right from debut with complex choreography and high notes, and proved his worth to be called a 'legend in the idol world'.

His potential was highlighted in his first solo song, 'Lie', which placed greater emphasis on expression. The author states that in the future, "Jimin's vocals not only became a new means of expression for himself, but also for BTS," indicating that his unique voice played a crucial role in instantly setting the mood in the first verse of 'Blood Sweat & Tears'.

From creating an unmatched legendary killing part in 'Blood Sweat & Tears', which marked the start of BTS's entry into Billboard, Jimin's persona greatly contributed to the team's global leap. He was viewed as a 'performer who shows a perfect image on stage', and his solo song 'Filter' reflects his desire to show his best on stage, thus receiving love from fans.

Jimin's concerns have always been aligned with his approach to living as an artist, and his consistent desire has been to "give an overwhelming feeling in the performance, to become better," as repeatedly emphasized in various interviews. His sincerity and pride for the stage could once again be confirmed through these interviews.

The book, in which Jimin candidly reveals his mental state in overcoming a series of processes with fervent passion, has moved many fans. His solo debut album, which was released in March and became the first Korean solo to top the Billboard 'Hot 100', is still loved by many. The anticipation and hope of fans for future stages filled with Jimin's sincerity are growing.