BTS member Jungkook's recently released debut solo single 'Seven' is soaring with global popularity. The song immediately topped U.S. Spotify and Japan's Oricon charts upon release, proving the immense international interest in Jungkook's new track.

In the midst of 'Seven's' success, global music fans have also turned their attention to actress Han So-hee. Han So-hee starred as Jungkook's counterpart in the 'Seven' music video, exuding a strong presence with their on-screen chemistry.

As much as Han So-hee's detailed emotional acting captivated viewers in the music video, her diverse styling was also eye-catching. The actress showcased hip yet natural styling in tune with the music video concept, which captures the events between two people over seven days.

Who knew funeral guest styling could be this funky? Han So-hee drew attention with her styling that broke the mold of the traditional funeral guest look. In the scene attending Jungkook's funeral in the music video, she wore a white sleeveless dress with lace patch details that exuded a lovely, bohemian vibe. She layered an oversized black formal jacket over it, tying a slim black scarf around her neck like a choker, completing her bold mix-and-match ensemble. To add to the funky feel, Han So-hee wore black see-through stockings and knee-high boots.

Han So-hee also managed to pull off a pair of brown checkered bootcut pants, which could easily be styled as excessive retro fashion, in a hip way. She styled these pants with a white sleeveless t-shirt and an oversized leather jacket, creating a look that felt hip yet chic. The hippie perm hairstyle that Han So-hee showed off in the music video perfectly matched such styling, enhancing her unique dreamy and kitschy charm.

In another scene, she styled a see-through cropped knit top, which slightly reveals the inner layer, with straight pants reminiscent of trending cargo pants and white worker boots, exuding a rather rebellious vibe.

Han So-hee executed hip styling without excessive exposure by utilizing a toned-down colored see-through crop top knit. She completed the hip fashion of the MZ style that can be challenged in everyday life.