BTS's Jin has solidified his status as a trustworthy vocalist, as his solo track "The Astronaut" has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform.

His solo track 'The Astronaut' crossed the 200 million streams threshold on Spotify on July 20, writing an 'endless history'.

Jin's first solo single 'The Astronaut', released on October 28 last year, achieved 100 million streams in just 72 days, setting the record for the shortest time for a male K-pop solo song on Spotify.

Following this, it reached 50 million streams in 22 days, 60 million in 29 days, 70 million in 37 days, and 90 million in 57 days.

On the day of the song's release, Jin made it onto Spotify's 'Global Top Artist' and 'Japan Top Artist' charts, setting a record for the highest debut among Korean solo artists.

The official music video for Jin's 'The Astronaut' has exceeded 84.42 million views, and a performance video from Argentina, where he shared the stage with Coldplay, has crossed 23.18 million views, proving his continued global popularity. The music video, featuring Jin as a 'stranded astronaut', caught the eye with his sensitive and sensuous facial expressions. The mysterious and sensual sound and visuals, akin to watching a science fiction movie, caused a sensation.

The music video immediately garnered an explosive reaction, reaching 1 million views within 15 minutes of release, 10 million views in 12 hours and 30 minutes, and 30 million views in just 4 days.

In addition, it reached 1 million likes in just 1 hour and 4 minutes, and 3 million likes in 13 hours, demonstrating its overwhelming popularity. As of July 20, the number of likes has reached 5.32 million, proving its unceasing hot topic status.

As soon as Jin's 'The Astronaut' music video was released, it ranked number one on 'Global YouTube Music Trending' for 17 consecutive days from October 28, 2022, to November 13, 2022. This surpassed Jin's previous record with his self-composed solo song 'Super Tuna', which held the number one spot for 16 consecutive days, setting a new K-pop history.

Jin's 'The Astronaut' is breaking new records every day, both domestically and internationally. 'The Astronaut' re-entered the US Billboard 'World Digital Song Sales Chart' at number three in June, just two months after its release, setting the record for the longest charting K-pop solo song in the last decade. It also tied the record for the longest charting K-pop song in 2022, held by BTS's 'Yet To Come', which spent 15 weeks on the chart.

With this, Jin shines as a K-pop artist who has had the longest charting record on the 'World Digital Song Sales Chart' both as a group and solo, demonstrating his unrivaled presence.

He also achieved 'Million Seller' status with a single album for the first time on the 'Circle Chart'. On the 2022 annual sales of Circle Chart, he recorded the second highest sales volume as a solo artist. He recorded 770,000 copies on the 'Hanteo Chart', setting the record for the highest initial sales of a male solo single. He also received a gold certification from the Japanese RIA in 2022, the first for a Korean solo artist.

Jin also set new records as the first, most, and longest-charting K-pop artist on Shazam, the world's largest music search platform. On May 6, he surpassed 13 million Shazams, becoming the most Shazamed K-pop song ever, surpassing Jin's first solo OST 'Yours'. Jin holds both the first and second spots for the most Shazamed K-pop songs.

As of July 20, Jin's 'The Astronaut' has surpassed 15.8 million Shazams, remaining the most Shazamed K-pop song.

Jin's first solo single 'The Astronaut' is a song like a gift prepared for fans before his enlistment, and was co-composed, co-written, and performed in collaboration with the globally renowned band Coldplay.

The song was praised for showcasing various aspects of vocalist Jin through his attractive bass voice and unique refreshing yet dreamy atmosphere, captivating fans around the world.