BTS's Jin's 'The Astronaut' has heated up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), claiming the top spot on the world's largest music streaming platform, Spotify's UAE weekly chart, for two consecutive weeks.

Jin's first solo single 'The Astronaut' ranked first on Spotify's 'Top Weekly Songs UAE' chart for the weeks of June 29 and July 6.

After demonstrating its powerful resurgence in the UAE by reaching the top spot on the weekly chart on May 18, 'The Astronaut' has continually shown its popularity by maintaining a position within the top three of the 'Top Weekly Songs UAE' chart.

'The Astronaut,' released on October 28 of last year, entered the UAE chart at number six upon release and has continued to enjoy popularity. After re-entering at 61st place on April 27, it showed a steep rise, capturing the top spot for five consecutive days in the 'Daily Top Songs UAE' for the week of May 18, showcasing soloist Jin's power.

In July, it continued to rank high on the 'Daily Top Songs UAE' chart, securing first place on July 2, 6, and 11, demonstrating Jin's impressive global popularity.

As of July 13, 'The Astronaut,' which has surpassed 196 million streams on Spotify, has set the record for the shortest time for a Korean male K-pop solo song, achieving 10 million streams in 3 days, 50 million streams in 22 days, and 100 million streams in 72 days.

Jin made his name known on Spotify's 'Global Top Artists' and 'Top Japanese Artists' charts on the day of his solo song release, setting a record for the highest debut position among all Korean solo artists in history.

'The Astronaut', presented as a gift-like song to fans before Jin's military enlistment last year, is filling Jin's military leave with brilliant records on charts from various countries, proving his brand power as a 'global superstar'.