BTS's Jin has set a new solo record in K-pop on Shazam, the world's largest music identification platform, reaffirming his position as the 'King of Shazam.'

Jin has shattered records with eight solo songs, amassing an unprecedented 34 million Shazams, demonstrating the formidable streaming power of the top-ranking solo artist.

Jin's first solo single, 'The Astronaut,' became the first K-pop song ever to exceed 15.67 million Shazams. The previous record holder, Jin's debut solo OST 'Yours,' with 13.18 million Shazams, has now been surpassed, making 'The Astronaut' the most Shazamed K-pop song in history. With this, Jin holds both the first and second places, revealing his unmatched solo power.

Additionally, on a global scale, his tracks 'Epiphany' (1.27 million), 'Moon' (1.19 million), 'Awake' (880,000), 'SuperTuna' (870,000), 'Tonight' (550,000), and 'Abyss' (420,000) have made substantial Shazam contributions. With these eight songs alone, Jin has achieved 34 million Shazams, making him the first and only K-pop solo artist to set such a record.

Upon release, 'The Astronaut' entered Shazam's 'Global Top 200' chart, holding the top position for a total of 129 days, setting a new record for the longest reign for a K-pop release in 2022. This outperformed the previous record holder, 'Yours,' which held the top position for 102 days. This achievement showcases Jin's surprising ability to break his own records.

Jin became the first and only K-pop solo artist to have two solo songs top Shazam's 'Global Top 200' chart. Additionally, he set an unapproachable record of staying at number one for 60 consecutive days, further demonstrating his unique and irreplaceable brand power.

Jin has also demonstrated his overwhelming streaming power on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, highlighting his superstar status.

On Spotify, not only 'The Astronaut,' but also 'Yours,' 'Moon,' 'Epiphany,' and 'Awake' each surpassed 100 million streams. As of June 23, with his nine credited songs, Jin has exceeded 1.1 billion streams on Spotify.

Known for his rich vocal range and refreshing tone that transcends the realm of recorded music, Jin is being recognized as a 'trusted vocalist,' and he continues to make remarkable achievements. With his ability to master various genres, anticipation is growing for Jin's musical activities after his military service.