BTS's Jin's 'Super Tuna' continues to receive passionate love on Spotify, the world's largest music platform. Jin's self-composed track 'Super Tuna' recently surpassed 45 million streams on Spotify.

'Super Tuna,' an impromptu song created by Jin while fishing, a hobby of his, was surprisingly revealed to fans on his birthday. The special performance video uploaded to the BTS YouTube channel 'BANGTANTV' broke through 10 million views in just a day, proving Jin's immense global popularity by becoming the most-watched video worldwide. As of the morning of July 8, the view count has exceeded 86.83 million and continues to rise rapidly.

Jin's 'Super Tuna,' which could only be listened to on 'SoundCloud' and 'YouTube,' was officially released on all streaming platforms last October along with Jin's other solo songs 'Abyss' and 'Tonight.' Upon release, it dominated the iTunes charts in various countries.

Upon its release, 'Super Tuna' topped the iTunes charts in 39 countries, starting from Lithuania and then Finland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, etc. It achieved its 40th first place in Guatemala on December 13th last year, and its 41st first place in Botswana on December 14th. Following this, it topped the chart in Ukraine, securing the first place in a total of 42 countries, thereby demonstrating its powerful music strength.

On the charts, 'Super Tuna' recorded first place on the iTunes 'Worldwide Chart,' third on the 'European Chart,' and tenth on the 'U.S. Chart.'

'Super Tuna' is a song in which Jin, who is passionate about fishing, expresses his wish for a full catch. The song is composed of an exciting rhythm and witty lyrics that are easy for anyone to follow, regardless of age or gender.

Jin's refreshing and adorable expression and lovable choreography have received high praise and attracted a lot of attention. From the moment of its creation, it became a joyous gift song for global fans, and fans have been reciprocating the joy with unwavering love, solidifying Jin's unrivaled popularity.