The K-pop girl group, ITZY, has given fans a first glimpse at their music video (MV) for 'Bet On Me', one of the tracks on their new mini album, as they kickstart a robust promotional campaign for their upcoming comeback.

On July 3, ITZY revealed the MV for 'Bet On Me', the first track from their new mini album 'Kill My Doubt', which is set to officially release on July 31st. JYP Entertainment had previously sparked anticipation among K-pop fans when they unveiled a schedule of promotional activities on their official social media channels on June 20th. The schedule included the release of music videos for three new songs, including the title track 'Cake', 'Bet On Me', and 'None of My Business'.

'Bet On Me' is an upbeat R&B track grounded in rock elements, which sincerely portrays the feelings of loneliness and fear when standing alone in the world. The lyrics of the song were written by J.Y. Park, the representative producer of JYP. Known for his candid portrayal of universal emotions, processes of overcoming them, and newly blossoming courage in songs like 'Road' by g.o.d and 'Feel Special' by Twice, Park offers another inspiring message with 'Bet On Me', drawing inspiration from his conversations with ITZY members.

'Bet On Me' serves as a growing anthem for not only ITZY members but also the youths of today. The song captures the coexistence of uncertainty and confidence within oneself and the strengthened self-belief following a period of long contemplation. The track, which sets the tone for the new album 'Kill My Doubt', organically connects with the title song 'Cake'.

The released MV showcases stunning visuals that mimic a cinematic experience, complemented by the distinctively youthful faces of the five members. It presents the members running through a dark tunnel as if chased by something, finally discovering an exit and moving towards the bright light. The video ends with the phrase "But still, I choose me, I bet on me", echoing the lyrics "I might be scared, but the only one who can trust me is me". The footage resonates with the journey of youth, blending perfectly with ITZY's vibrant energy.

The new mini album 'Kill My Doubt' from ITZY, which is set to release about eight months since their last release, features a total of six songs. Besides 'Cake', 'Bet On Me', and 'None of My Business', it includes 'Bratty', 'Psychic Lover', and 'Kill Shot'. Notably, the new song 'Cake' has been written, composed, and arranged by Black Eyed Pilseung, the creative force behind many of Twice's hit songs such as 'Like Ooh-Ahh', 'Cheer Up', 'TT', and 'Likey'. With ITZY, known for setting the summer music scene ablaze with songs like 'ICY', 'Not Shy', and 'SNEAKERS', teaming up with hitmaker Black Eyed Pilseung, fans are looking forward to an explosive synergy this summer of 2023.

ITZY's new mini album 'Kill My Doubt' and its title track 'Cake' are set for simultaneous worldwide release on July 31st at 6 p.m. local time.