ITZY has revealed a teaser poster for their new song, 'BET ON ME,' catching fans by surprise.

The group is set to release a new mini-album, 'KILL MY DOUBT,' on July 31, marking their comeback after approximately eight months. JYP Entertainment, the group's agency, released a promotion schedule on June 20, previewing a range of promotional activities for ITZY's first work of 2023. Specifically, the announcement promised to debut three music videos, including the title track 'CAKE,' sparking excitement among fans worldwide.

The first of the three sequentially released videos will be for 'BET ON ME,' the opening track of the new album 'KILL MY DOUBT.' At midnight on June 30, JYP posted individual teaser posters for 'BET ON ME' on their official SNS channels, piquing curiosity about the new song and video. The teasers, reminiscent of movie character posters, captured the colorful faces of ITZY's five members in their youthful prime.

Yeji can be seen wearing a black hood and looking off into the distance, while Lia is staring directly into the camera with pigtail hair styling. Ryujin is seen with a gentle expression in a cozy atmosphere, Chaeryeong is shown with her hair blowing in the wind and a sparkling gaze, and the youngest, Yuna, has her back against a wall, seemingly deep in thought.

The sentimentally moody teaser posters leave fans wondering what emotions the five members will express in the music video and what story they will share. 'BET ON ME' is a song for which JYP's representative producer, Park Jinyoung, penned the lyrics, raising expectations for the synergy between ITZY and Park Jinyoung. The complete 'BET ON ME' music video, which is receiving the full attention of K-pop fans, will be unveiled at midnight on July 3.

The new album includes a total of six songs, led by the first track 'BET ON ME' and the title song 'CAKE,' followed by 'None of My Business,' 'Bratty,' 'Psychic Lover,' and 'Kill Shot.' 'CAKE' is a song composed, written, and arranged by hitmaker Black Eyed Pilseung, and is expected to heat up the 2023 summer music scene as it brings together 'summer queen' ITZY, who scored hits with 'ICY,' 'Not Shy,' and 'SNEAKERS,' and Black Eyed Pilseung, who produced TWICE's representative hits such as 'Like OOH-AHH,' 'CHEER UP,' 'TT,' and 'LIKEY.'

ITZY's new mini-album 'KILL MY DOUBT' and the title song 'CAKE' will be released simultaneously worldwide at 6 PM on July 31. Pre-orders for the album are ongoing at various online music sites both domestically and internationally.