BTS Jin has proven his global prowess once again as the 'Global Shazam King', setting an unprecedented record for a K-pop solo artist on Shazam, the world's largest music discovery platform. He has surpassed 33 million Shazams solely with his eight solo songs.

Jin's first solo single, "The Astronaut," shattered records as the first K-pop song to exceed 15.51 million Shazams. This impressive feat outdid his first solo OST, "Yours," which had 13.14 million Shazams, making "The Astronaut" the most Shazamed K-pop song in history. Jin now boasts the top two spots for most Shazamed K-pop songs, solidifying his powerhouse solo status.

His other solo songs have also garnered considerable attention on Shazam: "Epiphany" with 1.27 million, "Moon" with 1.18 million, "Awake" with 870,000, "Tonight" with 550,000, "Abyss" with 410,000, and "SuperTuna" with 100,000 Shazams. With these eight songs alone, Jin has accumulated over 33 million Shazams, making him the first and only K-pop solo artist to achieve this record.

"The Astronaut" also made a big splash on Shazam's 'Global TOP 200' chart immediately after its release. It held the number one position for a record-setting 129 days, making it the longest-running number one K-pop song released in 2022. The song also set another near-unreachable record by staying at number one for 60 consecutive days, demonstrating Jin's strong brand power.

Last year, Jin's "Yours" held the record for being the first and longest-running K-pop song on Shazam's 'Global TOP 200' chart, maintaining the top spot for 102 days. This means that Jin is the first and only K-pop solo artist to have two solo songs reach number one on the chart.

Jin's continued success on the Shazam charts with "Yours" and now "The Astronaut" underscores his meteoric rise and dominance as a solo artist.