The music video for BTS's V's "Christmas Tree" has surpassed 60 million views, illuminating his global popularity.

"Christmas Tree," released on the Most Contents official YouTube channel on December 12, 2021, has surpassed 60 million views as of July 1.

The song, serving as the main title OST for the SBS drama "Our Beloved Summer," has created a major record by becoming the first Korean OST to enter the Billboard's main singles chart "HOT 100," showing a strong display of music power by achieving remarkable records.

According to the year-end data from "Spotify Wrapped," Spotify's largest music platform, the most-streamed Korean drama OST of 2022 was V's "Christmas Tree."

On June 22, "Christmas Tree" broke the record for the shortest time for a Korean drama OST to reach 300 million streams on Spotify. Then, by June 29, the song had reached 334.5 million streams, placing it among the top 10 most-streamed songs by a K-pop soloist on the platform.

As of June 29, the "Most Streamed K-OST" on Spotify was V's self-composed song "Sweet Night" with 313.92 million streams. The second place also belonged to V's 'Christmas Tree,' with the two OSTs alone surpassing 600 million streams, demonstrating V's dominance as the "Trustworthy OST King."

Not only internationally but also on Melon, the largest music platform in Korea, the songs have attained a total of 2 million listeners and surpassed 70 million streams, proving their popularity as a fan-favorite music powerhouse.

V, who has been praised by foreign media for his "wide vocal range and excellent solo performance" and "smooth, deep, soul-filled vocals like silk," is shining with a strong presence as a global music powerhouse.