BTS member Jungkook proved his explosive popularity by attracting 12.8 million simultaneous viewers during his home workout live broadcast.

Jungkook connected with fans around the world on June 30th through a personal live broadcast titled 'Hehehe...' on the fan community platform, Weverse.

During the broadcast, Jungkook began by acknowledging that his fans were likely aware of his news. He expressed his excitement about releasing his solo digital single 'Seven' on July 14th, which drew applause.

He spoke about the excellent quality of the upcoming song, which he believes many fans are eagerly anticipating. Despite the single not being part of an album, which could disappoint some fans, he revealed that an album is also in the works, with nothing fully decided yet.

Jungkook, while speaking about the new song, described it as a perfect fit for the season and something he'd listened to a lot during recording and practice. He requested fans' warm love and interest in the new song.

Furthermore, he shared his experiences of filming the music video, which he found fun and novel. He mentioned his newfound goal to become better and cooler and to live passionately. He also promised to work hard preparing his album to show the direction and color of music he wants to make, and to present voices he hasn't been able to show before, thereby heightening anticipation for the music video and the solo album.

Later in the stream, Jungkook suggested, "Let's exercise. I need to take care of my body," before using exercise equipment to demonstrate pull-ups, push-ups, and ab workouts.

While fully engrossed in his workout for 1 hour and 20 minutes, he showed an extraordinary passion and determination, even shouting, "This is my resolution. I will work hard in my solo activities. Single! Let's do well! Seven! I appreciate your love," thus combining his commitment with smart promotion.

Accompanying his exercise routine, Jungkook serenaded viewers with perfect renditions of songs like 'Miss You', 'Every Moment of You', 'Wild Flower', and 'Grenade', while performing ab workouts with an AB slide, adding joy and laughter to the stream.

Towards the end of the live broadcast, Jungkook expressed gratitude to the fans for watching till the end, requested their attention for the upcoming single 'Seven', wished everyone a healthy day, and expressed his longing to see his fans in person. He then ended the broadcast.

The personal live broadcast hosted by Jungkook surpassed a staggering 12.8 million simultaneous viewers, proving his unprecedented popularity. On Twitter, the keyword 'JUNGKOOK IS COMING' rose to the number 1 trend worldwide and the number 2 real-time trend in the US, illustrating his overwhelming global impact and interest.

Meanwhile, Jungkook will release his solo digital single 'Seven' on July 14th at 1 PM KST. With its cheerful melody embodying the spirit of summer, 'Seven' is a summer song that has heightened music fans' anticipation about what new style and color Jungkook will bring to his performance.