JYP Entertainment's (035900, JYP) popular girl groups NMIXX and ITZY are set to make their return simultaneously this coming July. With both groups from the same label making their comebacks at the same time, anticipation is high for JYP to further cement its reputation as a powerhouse of girl groups.

It's unusual for girl groups from the same agency to release albums at the same time. According to insiders, NMIXX and ITZY each set their comeback dates considering their domestic and international schedules, coincidentally resulting in both groups making their comebacks in the same month. While their appearances on music broadcasts will not overlap, they plan to maintain the momentum of JYP's girl groups by passing the comeback baton within the same agency.

NMIXX will make their comeback with the release of their third single 'A Midsummer NMIXX's Dream' on July 11. Ahead of the official release of their third single, they will unveil the pre-released song and music video on July 3, warming up ahead of their official comeback.

This single marks NMIXX's first comeback in the summer since their debut. The agency stated, "NMIXX's new release will brilliantly decorate the summer."

Previously, NMIXX captivated viewers with teaser images featuring a mysterious forest full of intrigue on a midsummer night, with large and small bubbles gently floating around. The dreamy atmosphere tinged with a blue light has increased curiosity about the new song to be released this summer. With their constant transformation with each comeback, all eyes are on what they will show through their first summer song.

Meanwhile, ITZY, NMIXX's senior girl group at JYP, will return to the music scene with their new mini-album 'KILL MY DOUBT' on July 31. The title song is 'Cake,' which heightens expectations as it was written, composed, and arranged by Black Eyed Pilseung, who created TWICE's hit songs like 'Elegant,' 'Cheer Up,' 'TT,' 'Likey,' etc.

Black Eyed Pilseung has not only made TWICE's representative hit songs but also ITZY's songs 'ICY,' 'Not Shy,' 'Sneakers,' highlighting ITZY's freshness every summer. All eyes are on whether they will propel ITZY's title song 'Cake' into the ranks of popular summer songs this year. Additionally, the first track of ITZY's new album 'BET ON ME' has been elevated in quality with lyrics written by JYP producer Park Jin-young.

July, with NMIXX and ITZY making back-to-back comebacks, is also a time when numerous popular groups are set to return. With the successful activities and records of both groups, anticipation is growing as to whether JYP will further establish its reputation as a powerhouse of girl groups.