The American drama 'The Idol,' featuring Jennie from Blackpink, has been met with a wave of criticism and will suffer the indignity of being terminated earlier than initially planned.

According to numerous foreign media outlets including the American entertainment medium Deadline, on the 27th (Korean time), HBO's drama 'The Idol' was initially planned to run for six episodes, but it will now end prematurely after the fifth episode on July 2nd.

'The Idol,' in which Jennie appears, is a drama set in the music industry of Los Angeles, encapsulating the world of the music industry and a love story involving a popular female pop singer. The drama starred Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp's daughter, and pop star The Weeknd, and it was highly anticipated as Jennie's first foray into acting. In the series, Jennie took on the role of Diane, a backup dancer for Lily-Rose Depp's character.

There's another problem: the likelihood of a second season being scrapped entirely due to continually declining ratings. This is due to the unique nature of the American drama industry, which ruthlessly cancels future seasons if the ratings do not meet expectations.

Moreover, according to previous reports, The Weeknd, who starred in and co-produced 'The Idol,' has stated that he is not planning a second season. In contrast, an HBO official denied reports of a cancellation, stating that "nothing has been decided regarding the production of the next season."

Meanwhile, Blackpink's Jennie has faced significant backlash since her appearance on 'The Idol.' Not only was the story overly provocative, but her role also required her to perform in revealing outfits and dance routines. There is increasing concern about Jennie's exposure being exploited for 'noise marketing' and the potential secondary harm that may result from her participation in this production.