A wave of 'dramatic transformations' is sweeping among actors who started their careers as idols. Super Junior's Choi Si-won, Red Velvet's Yeri, and Blackpink's Jennie are shedding their previous images through their roles in drama series, revealing new facets to their talents. In doing so, they are overcoming the stereotypical 'limits of idol-actors' and carving out their own unique territories.

Siwon Choi left a strong impression in the Netflix original series 'Bloodhounds' where he played a pampered third-generation heir who falls under the sway of merciless loan shark Park Sung Woong. Initially portraying an arrogant and rude heir, he becomes weak and pitiful after his vulnerability is exposed by Park Sung Woong.

This transition, including the display of humiliation, is a complete 180 from his gentle image previously seen in various dramas, which caught viewers' attention. Thanks to his performance, the series is recording high viewing times and receiving a global response, ranking first in weekly accumulated viewing hours for non-English Netflix dramas.

Yeri underwent a transformation in the drama 'Cheongdam International High School.' She plays the heiress of a chaebol group at the top of the school hierarchy in a drama that depicts intense power games and psychological battles among students in a prestigious high school. She has been praised for effectively portraying a villainess who bullies and isolates her peers.

Wiping away her cute and lovely stage image and showing a colder face, she said, "I had many concerns because the character is the exact opposite of me. I paid attention to the tone, speed, and rhythm of my speech. I tried to appear authoritative by speaking slowly." Thanks to such reactions, the drama has been consistently ranked within the top 10 most-watched TV shows on Netflix and Wave, even reaching 4th place on the global chart (FlixPatrol).

Jennie, who made her acting debut in the American HBO drama 'The Idol,' is no different. In the drama, which depicts the complex relationships in the pop culture industry, she plays the role of a backup dancer and friend to pop star Joslyn (Lily-Rose Depp), stirring up discussions with her provocative outfits, choreography, and explicit dialogue every time a new episode airs.

Despite the controversy, the drama is consistently ranked number one on the most-watched TV show ranking (FlixPatrol). Notably, Forbes magazine even mentioned Jennie's potential to win an Emmy, stating, "She has solidified her position as a versatile and popular actress by showing her acting skills in renowned productions."