Two of K-pop's biggest stars, Jennie from BLACKPINK and G-Dragon, are once again in the spotlight due to renewed dating rumors, stirred up by a peculiar piece of evidence presented by a netizen.

The pair were subject to a recent wave of speculation instigated by an individual who presented arguably far-fetched proof of a romance between the two musical icons. This conjecture came about from the observation that both Jennie and G-Dragon have common members on their respective teams.

Pann Nate reported that the individual shared a series of photographs in an attempt to validate their proposition. These images showed team members simultaneously working with both G-Dragon and Jennie, which fueled the whispers of a potential romantic involvement.


The speculator also drew attention to pictures featuring the duo as brand representatives for the prestigious fashion house CHANEL. This shared connection was used to bolster the claims of a romantic liaison.

However, the statement, "Are they still dating?" posted by the netizen alongside the presented images sparked an immediate backlash from the online community. Many criticized the evidence as insufficient and dismissed the insinuation as lacking any credible foundation.

In light of the ensuing debate, other netizens were quick to highlight that it's quite commonplace for various idols to employ the same team members. While acknowledging past rumors surrounding Jennie and G-Dragon's dating status, they dismissed the recent set of proof as stretched and unsubstantiated.

As whispers of an alleged romance between BLACKPINK's Jennie and G-Dragon continue to buzz, the public and the fandom eagerly await any concrete evidence or official confirmation to validate or debunk these recurring speculations.