Actor Park Seo-joon has neither confirmed nor denied rumors about his romantic relationship, drawing a line by calling it a 'private matter.' Although his answer didn't quell the curiosity of an increasingly intrigued public, his candid expression of his beliefs, while simultaneously taking everyone into consideration, reflects a thoughtful decision.

On June 21, Park Seo-joon attended a production report conference for the movie 'Concrete Utopia' (directed by Uhm Tae-hwa), where he encountered the press. The heat of coverage was higher than ever, given the growing interest in both the movie - anticipated as one of this summer's biggest hits - and the dating rumors involving Park.

The day before, Park was caught up in dating rumors with YouTuber and singer Xooos. A media outlet reported the pair were dating, and Park's agency Awesome ENT stated, "It is hard to confirm as it's the actor's private life." However, the interest only grew as photos of the pair with friends and images of them wearing matching sneakers surfaced in online communities.

Coincidentally, the 'Concrete Utopia' production report conference was scheduled the day after the dating rumors broke out. Normally, such events are for the director and actors to discuss the movie.

However, when private life issues emerge, it's impossible to avoid related questions, often turning the spotlight from the work to the actor's personal life. Furthermore, any clumsy response or comment can overshadow the event's purpose and potentially negatively impact the movie.

Particularly in this movie, Park Seo-joon is playing Min-sung, a character dedicated to protecting his apartment and family, partnering up with Park Bo-young as a couple. Audiences, having seen the released stills, are anticipating the duo's on-screen 'chemistry.' If the phrase 'dating' or the name of his rumored partner precedes Park Seo-joon's, it could cause inconvenience to not only his acting performance but also his co-stars, potentially affecting the audience's immersion in the film.

Park would have been aware of this, but he appeared as planned at the official event. According to insiders, Park didn't consider not attending the promotional event due to personal issues.

Also, there were no specific requests to refrain from asking about personal matters before or after the event. When asked about the dating rumors, Park candidly shared his thoughts.

First, Park said, "I heard about the news late because I'm currently shooting a film," then added, "I realized that I'm receiving a lot of attention. I'm thankful for the interest."

He continued, "I feel quite burdened about opening up my private life. As it's a personal matter, it's hard for me to say anything special about it," and requested, "Since this is the official first schedule for 'Concrete Utopia,' I ask for your attention on the film."

Netizens speculated, 'Isn't this practically a confirmation?' while some expressed disappointment at his 'ambiguous stance.' While it might not meet the public's desire for a clear answer, those involved in the production and industry insiders believe Park provided 'the best feedback.'

A film industry insider told The Fact, "I think he separated his private life from the event well," adding, "If he had given a one-sided answer, either positive or negative, his personal matters would have received more attention than the film. He made sure the movie event went smoothly by separating public from private."

The insider also praised Park's responsibility, saying, "He didn't outright dodge the question, but shared his honest thoughts without forgetting to draw attention to the film."

According to insiders, Park Seo-joon plans to fulfill his scheduled movie promotions. He doesn't intend to cancel pre-established schedules due to this issue, and he's committed to fulfilling his responsibilities as part of the production till the end.

There is no correct answer on how to deal with rumors when they surface. One can confirm or deny them, or refuse to comment for the sake of their private life. In that regard, while Park Seo-joon summed it up as 'feeling burdened by revealing his private life,' his approach is seen as the best choice considering all parties involved, and is viewed as a respectful and wise response.