Park Seo-joon (34), a renowned actor, is rumored to be dating the YouTuber and singer Xooos (29), who boasts a subscriber count of over 1.5 million.

Last month, an entertainment industry insider hinted at a relationship between the two during an interview with JTBC Entertainment News, stating, "Park Seo-joon and Xooos are in a romantic relationship. They are close enough to introduce each other to their best friends." It was reported that the couple enjoys simple dates, much like any other, participating in shared hobbies and exercise activities.

On the 20th, a post featuring photos of the two together with friends surfaced on an online community.

Regarding these rumors, Park Seo-joon's agency, Awesome ENT, has maintained a consistent stance, both initially and as of today. They responded, "It is difficult for us to confirm details about our actor's personal life. We apologize."

Park Seo-joon made his debut in 2012 with the drama 'Dream High 2.' He gained popularity through his roles in 'Fight for My Way' and 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim,' earning him the title of 'Rom-Com King.' He stood at the center of Hallyu Wave with his role in 'Itaewon Class.' Currently, he is awaiting the release of his movie 'Concrete Utopia.' Recently, he also connected with viewers through the variety show 'Seo-joon's Place.'

Xooos is a YouTuber with over 1.54 million subscribers. Her cover of Charlie Puth's 'Light Switch' has garnered over 30 million views, and pop star The Weeknd, who is the original singer of 'Out of Time' - another song she covered - shouted her out on social media, drawing significant attention. In January, she joined WAVY, an emerging global music label.