Rumors of a romantic relationship between actor Park Seo-joon, 34, and YouTuber Xooos, 29 (real name Kim Soo-yeon) have recently surfaced, and representatives of both have neither confirmed nor denied, stating, "It is hard to verify."

On June 20, Awesome ENT, Park Seo-joon's agency, commented on the alleged romance with Xooos, saying, "It is a private matter and hard to verify. We are sorry." Representatives from xooos's side also echoed the statement, saying, "It is hard to verify."

In general, if the rumors are untrue, it is standard practice to deny them outright. However, the situation has become more confusing as neither party has denied the rumors, instead saying that "It is a private matter and hard to verify." This response is often seen when the rumors tend to be accurate, prompting some fans to accept the alleged romance between Park Seo-joon and Xooos as a fact.

Earlier today, a media outlet reported that the two are indeed dating and have a "special relationship to the extent of introducing each other to close friends." Photos of the pair together with their friends have also surfaced on online communities, adding fuel to the dating rumors.

Park Seo-joon recently worked on the movie "Dream" directed by Lee Byung-heon and appeared on the tvN entertainment program "SeoJin's". He also has a film, "Concrete Utopia" directed by Eom Tae-hwa, releasing in August. Interestingly, these dating rumors have surfaced the day before the production report conference for "Concrete Utopia", scheduled for 11 a.m. on June 21. It is anticipated that Park Seo-joon may clarify his stance on the rumors during the conference.

Xooos, who is the focus of the alleged romance with Park Seo-joon, is operating a YouTube channel named 'xooos 수스' with approximately 1.54 million subscribers. She gained fame by posting pop song cover videos.