Jungkook from the globally acclaimed band BTS has solidified his impressive presence with a long-running hit on the U.S. Billboard Global Chart.

According to the latest chart released by the American Billboard on June 17th, the collaboration track 'Left and Right' by Jungkook and the American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, claimed the 150th spot in the 'Global (Excluding U.S.)' chart.

Demonstrating formidable power, 'Left and Right' has made a strong reentry into the 'Global (Excluding U.S.)' chart, boasting an impressive power of being in the chart for a total of 36 weeks.

Jungkook has written a new chapter in history as the K-pop solo artist with the longest run on the said chart. Earlier, his official soundtrack for the '2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup,' 'Dreamers,' showcased robust popularity by entering the 'Global (Excluding U.S.)' chart for 13 consecutive weeks. 'Dreamers' notably swept the first place on the Billboard Digital Song Sales Chart, becoming the first-ever World Cup official soundtrack to do so and topped the World Digital Song Sales Chart for two consecutive weeks.

With 'Left and Right,' Jungkook set a significant record as the first K-pop idol to feature on the main singles chart 'Hot 100' for the longest duration, maintaining his position for 17 consecutive weeks. Alongside, Jungkook's solo tracks 'Stay Alive' and 'My Time' also climbed to the 95th and 84th spots respectively on the 'Hot 100' chart. Released in 2022, 'Stay Alive' demonstrated robust music performance by being the first-ever Korean webtoon OST to enter the 'Hot 100' chart.

Jungkook has also claimed spots on the 'Hot 100' chart with 'Waste It On Me,' where he participated as a solo vocalist, reaching 89th position, 'Savage Love' hitting 1st place, 'Stay,' a unit song he contributed to in writing and composing, taking 22nd place, and 'Film Out,' a Japanese song he co-composed, securing 81st place.

Without a solo album to his name, Jungkook has consistently made a splash on the Billboard charts with a variety of works, leading to increasing anticipation for his future solo activities and their musical achievements.