On their 10th anniversary, the world-renowned group BTS expressed heartfelt sentiments about their journey so far and the path that lies ahead, promising to push forward despite the challenges.

BTS conveyed their thoughts on reaching this monumental milestone via the fan community Weverse and their personal social media platforms on the 13th. The members looked back on the past decade, expressing gratitude to their fans, and affirmed their commitment to continue their growth in the "second act" of their career.

Reflecting on their journey, leader RM said, "They say even rivers and mountains change in ten years, and it's true. We've weathered countless waves," acknowledging the band's growth from a group of individual members to a united BTS, and their fans, ARMY, from mere admirers to a dedicated community. "We've built our world that no one else can fully understand, amidst a lot of storms and love," he added.

He also touched on their future, stating, "As we look at our 'Act 2', we feel like we can become anything. It will continue to be unfamiliar, anxious, and painful, but we will still move forward."

Jimin expressed his feelings about the past year, stating that despite initially feeling despondent as if their shared time had stopped, he realized that "all the things we've tried while thinking about each other in our own places are like being together."

He continued, "The feeling of the approaching 10 years is different. I received something solid that can't be ignored, something that we can understand and share more, and I feel how happy we are." He ended by expressing gratitude to their fans.

V thanked the members for their health and for creating good memories together over the last decade, and expressed his deep gratitude to the ARMY, urging them to take care of their health and only have happy days. "We just wish for that. We purple you," he added.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, BTS also surprised their fans by releasing a new digital single, 'Take Two', on June 9th. This song, a fan tribute, expresses their gratitude towards the ARMY for standing by them for the past decade. 'Take Two' has enjoyed immense popularity, topping the iTunes 'Top Song Chart' in 92 countries worldwide and taking the top spot on the global Spotify chart.

To commemorate their decade-long journey, '10th Anniversary Festa' is currently being held in Seoul, with famous landmarks like Namsan Seoul Tower and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) illuminated in purple.

On the 17th, the leader RM will personally meet fans at the Yeouido Hangang Park, and at 8:30 pm, a spectacular firework display will take place, accompanied by BTS's hit songs and narration by Jungkook.

BTS made their debut on June 13, 2013, with the powerful hip-hop song 'No More Dream.' Since then, they've released numerous hits like 'Spring Day,' 'DNA,' and 'IDOL,' becoming the first K-pop act to top the Billboard main album chart 'Billboard 200' and even reaching the top of the 'Hot 100' chart in 2020 with 'Dynamite.'

BTS has topped the 'Billboard 200' and 'Hot 100' with six works each to date. They've won the American Music Awards for five consecutive years, lifted trophies at the Billboard Music Awards for six years in a row, and have been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards three years running, writing their name in the annals of pop music history.