BTS's V is turning heads online with a new ash blonde look. A recent Instagram story showcased his fresh style, presenting a curly hair transformation that diverges from his familiar wavy style.

Yet, the most captivating detail for fans was the blonde hair color that V sported as he embarked on an undisclosed foreign trip on May 31. Fans, thrilled by the return of the 'Blonde Tae' look, showered the BTS heartthrob with compliments on how well he wore the new style.

Prospects of a New Music Video A fan's tweet about V's fresh blonde look added fuel to the speculation surrounding new music. The tweet hinted that the hair transformation could be a precursor to new BTS material, keeping the fan community on its toes for any forthcoming announcements about V's musical journey.


The broad range of possible outcomes has left fans filled with curiosity, eagerly anticipating the surprise offerings V might have planned.

Could this style change point to a music video signifying a new solo track or a BTS return? Or perhaps V is preparing to showcase his skills in an unexplored setting, like a variety show?

Reminiscent of Iconic Past Looks The change to blonde has evoked memories of V's past memorable looks, especially during the "Blood Sweat & Tears" phase in 2016 for their "Wings" album.

In that period, V rocked blonde hair in the concept photos for the album, leaving fans spellbound with his eye-catching look. His blonde hair, coupled with chic clothing, radiated an aura of elegance and distinction that set him apart.

In 2017, as part of the group's "DNA" promotions, V again took fans by surprise with an unforgettable blonde avatar.

While V frequently experimented with his hair color and usually leaned towards darker shades in that period, his blonde hair moments left an indelible mark.

It was during this phase that V witnessed a surge in his popularity, commanding attention with his striking looks and winning hearts with his undeniable charisma.