BTS member Jungkook has lit up the 'ARMYbrella' with heartfelt thanks to their fan base, the ARMY, in commemoration of their 10th anniversary since debut.

BTS celebrated their 10th anniversary on June 13th, and on the 11th, through their official Twitter, they revealed a special question content titled '<10 Years on Twitter - Special Question> If you were to write a tweet to the grateful ARMYs who have always been with you?'.

Known as 'ARMYbrella' among the fan club ARMY, Jungkook said, "I am grateful for sharing each of your precious time with me as we cried and laughed together for 10 years. I'm thankful for letting me know a little or a lot about happiness and love". He conveyed his gratitude to the fans who have been with him for a long time.

Jungkook expressed his love and commitment to ARMY by saying, "I want to walk together with you all in the future, even if it's not at the same pace. I feel there is still much left in our future. So let's create more memories that will stay deep in our hearts, believing, relying on, and loving each other. I love you, ARMY!"

Jungkook has shown his love for the fans by gifting them self-composed songs like 'My You' and 'Still With You' on the occasion of BTS's 9th and 7th anniversary, respectively.

Meanwhile, fans are also celebrating Jungkook's 10th debut anniversary with special support. The Chinese fan club 'Jungkook China' will be broadcasting 10th-anniversary ads for Jungkook on 120 screens located in 54 stations of Seoul Subway Lines 1-8 on June 13th.

The social media Twitter fan account 'I Dare U' will run a 10th-anniversary ad for Jungkook near the HYBE headquarters from June 1st to June 30th, and 'Blue Bunny' will also run ads commemorating Jungkook's 10th anniversary at four digital comprehensive information points in Seoul Subway Line 4 Shin Yongsan Station from June 12th to June 25th.