As the iconic K-pop group BTS celebrates its 10-year anniversary, ARMYs (official fanbase) from around the world are pouring into Seoul. Under the slogan "BTS PRESENT EVERYWHERE," fans are immersed in the purple-hued landmarks of Seoul, savoring the traces of BTS spread across the city.

The area around HIVE headquarters in Yongsan-gu was noticeably more crowded with fans on the 12th. A grand slogan commemorating BTS's 10th anniversary festa adorned the building's exterior, while artists were actively working on a graffiti mural featuring the members' faces.

Fans, identifiable by their purple T-shirts, phone cases, bags, shoes, and nails, were busy capturing memories. Despite different nationalities, they were bonding over BTS, snapping photos for each other and sharing conversations. Walking towards Yongsan station, BTS's songs could be continuously heard from nearby shops. A special event space was even set up on a 7-Eleven facade where Japanese fans could leave messages for BTS.

As night fell, Seoul was dramatically illuminated in 'purple'. Landmarks such as Namsan Seoul Tower, Sebitseom, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Lotte World Tower, Seoul City Hall, World Cup, Banpo, Yanghwa, and Yeongdong bridges were adorned in BTS's representative color, purple lighting.

Even late into the night, DDP was lively with fans' laughter. Fans were joyous, taking pictures with their dolls in front of the DDP building that had turned purple. The same atmosphere was seen at Banpo Bridge. With the Han River backdrop, the added purple light created a magical ambiance. Fans repeatedly expressed their awe, saying things like, "It's so cool," and "It's surreal."

So, why do these fans love BTS so much?

A, 54, from Malaysia shared, "I've liked BTS since 2018. They're incredibly talented but they never take it for granted. They show us that idols are human too by continually striving, even after achieving success," adding, "BTS's lyrics are filled with inspiring and motivational messages, like 'We know what you're going through. It's okay!' " A continues to reveal, "BTS is the inspiration and support that drives me to face my fears. Through them, I've learned Korean and everything related to Hallyu. ARMYs will always be by BTS's side. Borahae (I purple you)!"

B, 26, from China mentioned, "BTS has maintained a very down-to-earth image while rising to fame. The topics they discuss through their songs are also universal, which makes people feel connected and understand their messages." B added, "BTS has become a foundation in my life. They've changed my outlook and many things in my life, even helping me overcome mental illness. I wouldn't be where I am today without BTS. I will forever be grateful to be an ARMY."

Ms. Jung, 40, who came from Daegu to enjoy the 10th-anniversary festa said, "BTS is a group that combines talent, character, and hard work. They have many comforting songs that resonate and heal the heart." She added, "BTS is the other me, the driving force that keeps me going in life. They're doing so well now. I hope they continue their music career forever. Let's be together until the end."

The effect of the 10th-anniversary festa on tourist influx is also anticipated. Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul had previously set a goal of attracting 30 million tourists to Seoul, and the influx of BTS fans could significantly contribute to this target. In fact, fans from Malaysia and China who were interviewed revealed that their fandom led them to visit Korea for the first time in the previous year and in 2019, respectively.

Kim, a 37-year-old local who we met at Banpo Bridge, said, "I live nearby and came to check out the event. I was surprised by the number of foreigners," and "I really felt the influence of BTS. I think they've significantly contributed to improving Korea's image. They've sparked interest in Korea and played a big role in maintaining that interest positively."

Chinese fan B noted, "I think BTS has helped establish a foundation for a friendly and open image of Korea."

The 17th is expected to be the climax of the festa. On that day, various attractions are set up in the area of Yeouido Han River Park in Seoul, including a BTS history wall, an exhibition of 'Run BTS' stage costumes, a 10th-anniversary festa commemorative sculpture, and a tattoo sticker experience booth.

Moreover, at 5 pm, RM himself will make an appearance at the 'ARMY Lounge' set up in the event venue to run a special corner called '5 o'clock, it's Kim Nam-joon.' At this event, RM is expected to directly interact with fans and share his thoughts on the 10th anniversary. The event will conclude with a fireworks show, scheduled to start at 8:30 pm and last for 30 minutes.