BTS member Jin revealed a heartfelt conversation with fellow member Suga, expressing his concerns and doubts.

On the 11th, Jin appeared as a guest on 'Shooting Suga,' a series on BTS's official YouTube channel 'Bangtan TV.' Jin's appearance was filmed before his military enlistment in December last year, and the video description read, 'Released in warm June at the artist's request.'

During the episode, Suga reminisced about a deep conversation he had with Jin two years prior, saying, "People often mention the scene from 'In the Soop' where we talked about our stress. I once said I wanted to be like you, but I can't remember it well."

To this, Jin responded, "You are like me now, because you do as I told you. I told you to forget everything. The past is the past. You were stressed about that." Jin comforted Suga by saying, "I told you it's okay to remember what you want to remember, but try to forget the rest. And you are doing exactly as I advised."

Suga admitted that he also sought advice from Jin during a difficult time, saying, "I don't know if you remember, but you came to me when you were having a hard time, and we spent almost a week together." To this, Jin expressed his gratitude, saying, "Didn't 'Abyss' come out because you told me to write a song at that time?"

Suga shared that Jin had been particularly troubled at that time, saying, "I remember you were sad, wondering why you couldn't establish your own unique area like the other members. But I believe you have your own unique area. After that, we had many conversations and shared a lot." He comforted Jin with these heartfelt words.