BTS Jin's self-produced track 'Abyss' has once again claimed the number one spot on iTunes, continuing to showcase its immense popularity.

Jin's 'Abyss' ascended to the top of the iTunes Top Songs chart in Trinidad and Tobago on May 30th.

Released on Jin's birthday, December 4th, 2020, 'Abyss' struck a chord with listeners by candidly conveying Jin's feelings during a time of burnout through its lyrical melody and clear voice. Initially only available on SoundCloud and YouTube after its pre-release, 'Abyss' was officially launched on all streaming platforms in October of the following year. Upon its release, it claimed the number one spot on the 'iTunes Top Songs' chart in 16 countries including Indonesia, Chile, the Netherlands, and Estonia. With Trinidad and Tobago added to the list on the 30th, it achieved number one in a total of 17 countries.

'Abyss' has proven its worldwide popularity by ranking high in various national charts including the 'Worldwide Chart,' 'iTunes US Chart,' and 'iTunes Europe Chart.'

As of June 1st, Jin's 'Abyss' has landed at number 83 on the Shazam Korea Chart, the world's largest music search platform, showcasing its incredible staying power by charting for a total of 241 days. The renowned American teen magazine 'Teen Vogue' had previously selected 'Abyss' as 'One of the Best Moments of K-Pop in 2020.'

American media outlet 'Elite Daily,' which has previously praised Jin's voice as 'heavenly vocals,' extolled, "Undoubtedly, Jin's solo songs have a powerful influence in many ways. His intimate lyrics stimulate the tear ducts of ARMY, and his moving vocals imprint in not only the ARMY but also music fans that he is one of the best performers."

Jin is solidifying his popularity as a global solo artist, achieving brilliant records in various national charts, overshadowing his looming military enlistment.