BLACKPINK's Jennie recently shared an unexpected experience of disappointment following a supposed betrayal from her beloved pet.

On the 26th, Jennie appeared in a video uploaded to Kang Hyung-wook's YouTube channel. As a self-proclaimed fan of the pet trainer Kang Hyung-wook, Jennie participated in the video accompanied by her pet dog, Kuma.

Jennie, who often shares her strong bond with Kuma, introduced him as her "gum-like sibling", implying his constant attachment to her. However, to her surprise, Kuma seemed more infatuated with Kang Hyung-wook, whom he had just met, rather than with his human mom, Jennie.

Despite Jennie calling out to Kuma in both English and Korean, Kuma remained solely focused on Kang Hyung-wook. This unexpected behavior prevented Jennie from showcasing Kuma's special tricks as she had planned.

Disconcerted, Jennie admitted, "I feel like I'm making things up. I seem like someone who lies to get on a program," clearly expressing her disappointment.

While Jennie was disheartened, Kang Hyung-wook, trying to lighten the mood, teased her by saying, "Kuma's attention is overwhelming."

Jennie then decided to give Kuma's tricks another try, and this time, Kuma successfully completed them. However, when Kang Hyung-wook also asked Kuma to perform the same tricks, Kuma repeated the success, which again left Jennie flabbergasted.

Lastly, they conducted a test where Kuma had to choose between Jennie and Kang Hyung-wook. Despite Jennie's confidence, Kuma showed off a heightened level of excitement in front of Kang Hyung-wook, ultimately leading to Jennie admitting defeat with a bowed head.