BTS' Jimin's solo album is maintaining a long-run popularity streak on worldwide music charts.

Jimin's debut solo album 'FACE' topped the Oricon weekly album chart during its debut week, marking the first triple crown of the year for a solo artist. As of the 22nd, it re-entered the 'Weekly Digital Album' chart at No. 47 and the 'Western Album' chart at No. 26, securing its place on both charts for seven weeks in a row.

Moreover, after placing second in the 'Monthly Album' chart in March, 'FACE' ranked 33rd in April and secured a spot in the top 10, ranking eighth in the 'Monthly Western Album' chart, following its March No. 1 position.

To date, with 248,400 copies sold, Jimin, who holds the record for the highest sales for a Korean solo artist's Korean-language album in the history of the Oricon chart, has achieved platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), a first for a K-pop solo artist.

In 'Billboard Japan', 'FACE' climbed to 40th place in the 'Download Album' chart as of May 17, marking its eighth consecutive week on the chart. It also demonstrated its staying power by re-entering the 'Hot Album Chart' at No. 96.

The title track 'Like Crazy' achieved a remarkable feat by ranking fifth on Billboard Vietnam's 'Hot 100' chart as of May 18, following its No. 1 debut, securing its place in the top 10 for seven weeks in a row. 'Set Me Free Part 2', which debuted at No. 5, re-entered the chart this week at No. 94, showing steady popularity.

In addition, 'Like Crazy' debuted at No. 2 in the 'Top Original' section of the Singapore RIAS chart, the highest position for a Korean solo artist this year, and ranked 10th this week. It also ranked 18th in the 'Top Digital Streaming' section, continuing its long run on both charts for eight consecutive weeks.

In India's 'IMI International Top 20 Singles' chart, it made its debut at No. 2, the highest among Korean solo songs, and climbed from 12th place last week to 11th place this week, marking its eighth consecutive week on the chart. In Malaysia's RIM singles chart, it has been in the top 20 for five weeks in a row, highlighting Jimin's immense popularity.

'Like Crazy' was the first and only Korean artist to top the MENA chart, the first official chart in the Middle East and North Africa. It has successfully stayed in the top 10 for four consecutive weeks. Jimin holds the record as the only Korean artist to chart two songs simultaneously on this chart, with 'Set Me Free Part 2'.

Jimin's first solo album has achieved the highest results in eight major music markets, including the U.S. and the U.K., and various countries in Europe. By capturing the hearts of music fans worldwide, Jimin is demonstrating a global presence as a solo artist that transcends language and cultural barriers, reaching not only Asia but also the Middle East and various South American countries.