BTS's Jin appears to be dealing with an overly zealous fan, even while serving in the military.

The Ministry of National Defense is currently investigating a female officer, referred to as Ms. A, suspected of leaving her base without permission to administer a vaccination to Jin. As a nursing officer in her 20s serving in the 28th Division, Ms. A reportedly left her base to visit the 5th Division recruit training center, where Jin was located. Ms. A, in premeditated coordination with nursing officer B from the 5th Division, traveled by car for approximately 30 minutes in mid-January around 1:30 pm to reach the training center. There, she administered a second dose of the epidemic hemorrhagic fever vaccine to Jin in the medical office.

Upon returning to her base, Ms. A was known to have said, "Jin seemed to be in considerable pain."

While all military personnel receive the epidemic hemorrhagic fever vaccine, it is problematic to receive this vaccination from a nursing officer who is serving in another division. A complaint regarding this matter was filed internally, prompting an investigation to begin. Combined investigations were conducted by the Military Police of the 28th Division, 5th Division, and 5th Corps.

However, as Ms. A maintains that she did not meet Jin as a result of an unauthorized departure, the military is continuing its investigation into the matter.