BTS's Jin's self-composed track 'Abyss' is boasting remarkable streaming power on Spotify.

Jin's 'Abyss' reached a whopping 23 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, as of May 17th. As of the afternoon of May 18th, it has surpassed 23.08 million streams, continuing its hot streak.

'Abyss', a heartfelt track by Jin, expresses his emotions through a lyrical melody and clear voice. It sincerely captures his feelings during a time he was experiencing burnout. Jin shared his motivations for writing the song at the time of its release through a blog post.

Jin revealed, "Honestly, I've recently had a major bout of burnout, and it seemed like it came from thinking a lot about myself." He further confessed, "After we hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and received congratulations from so many people, I had thoughts like, 'Am I allowed to receive this?' and as I delved deeper into these thoughts, I felt emotionally heavy and wanted to let everything go." His honest emotions provided significant comfort and healing to many who could relate to his situation.

'Abyss', which could only be heard on SoundCloud and YouTube initially, was officially released on all streaming platforms in October last year, along with Jin's other solo tracks, 'Tonight' and 'Super Tuna'. Upon release, Jin's three solo tracks proved their popularity by sweeping the iTunes charts worldwide.

In particular, 'Abyss' reached No. 1 in 16 countries, including Indonesia, Chile, the Netherlands, and Estonia on the iTunes 'Top Songs' chart. It also ranked high in many other countries' charts, such as the 'Worldwide Chart', 'iTunes US Chart', and 'iTunes Europe Chart', proving its global popularity.

The renowned American teen magazine 'Teen Vogue' once selected 'Abyss' as one of the 'Best K-pop Moments of 2020'. Furthermore, Entertainment Weekly praised Jin's natural musical talent, stating that 'Abyss' "shows the growth of BTS' Jin as an artist," and "through a sad, lyrical song, he tried to reveal his vulnerability in a way he never had before, and succeeded wonderfully."