Jennie, member of the world-renowned girl group BLACKPINK, is set to make her acting debut amidst international anticipation. Her first acting role in 'The Idol' has been selected for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, reinforcing her status as a world-class idol.

Jennie will walk the red carpet at the 76th Cannes Film Festival on May 22nd (local time). Her debut acting role in the American HBO six-part drama 'The Idol' has been invited to the non-competitive section of the Cannes Film Festival, where she will partake in screenings and official events at the Lumière Grand Theatre.

BLACKPINK, of which Jennie is a member, is a globally recognized idol group that has set 22 Guinness World Records collectively through their group and solo activities. True to her status as a global star, Jennie's acting debut is on a grand scale. She joins pop star The Weeknd, Hollywood star Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp, and singer-songwriter Troye Sivan in the cast lineup for 'The Idol.'

'The Idol' is set in the music industry. It tells the story of pop star Joselyn (Lily-Rose Depp) who, after suffering from nervous exhaustion, embarks on her biggest tour yet and encounters Tedros (The Weeknd). The series explores their relationship at its extremes and promises a groundbreaking narrative. Although Jennie's character remains shrouded in mystery, given that 'The Idol' underwent a change in production crew and re-filming due to controversial story elements, a remarkable acting debut is anticipated.

Notably, Jennie's venture into acting isn't a one-time endeavor. With 'The Idol' marking the start of serious acting activities, fans' expectations are high. In a recent cover story with the American version of Elle magazine, she shared her thoughts about acting. In the interview, Jennie revealed, "Through my experience with 'The Idol,' I discovered a new, fun way to express myself. So, if you ask me if I plan to act in the future, I would say 'yes.' I enjoyed it because it didn't feel drastically different from what I've been doing so far." She also admitted, "I knew I would regret it if I didn't choose 'The Idol,'" expressing her affection for the project.

'The Idol,' which is gathering significant attention due to Jennie's involvement, is set to premiere at 9 pm (local time) on June 4. It also marks the dramatic debut of The Weeknd, who co-produced the series. Sam Levinson, director of HBO's 'Euphoria,' is at the helm.

Meanwhile, before gracing the Cannes red carpet, Jennie will be in Macao, China, until the 21st for BLACKPINK's world tour 'Born Pink.' Following this, she will meet local fans at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on June 3 and 4. The world tour, which is expected to attract about 1.5 million people, is anticipated to generate revenue exceeding 100 billion won within just two months, positioning BLACKPINK as the girl group with the highest income from a single tour in the world.

Fans around the globe are eagerly watching to see if 'Superstar' Jennie will receive the same warm reception in her new role as an actress.