Reports reveal that EXO Kai's enlistment is not sudden and can no longer be postponed. What led to this situation?

Media Suggests EXO Kai Reached Maximum Enlistment Postponements Allowed

On May 3, the K-pop world was stunned when SM Entertainment announced EXO Kai's military enlistment. The company stated that the renowned male idol would enter the army training center on May 11 and undergo basic military training before serving as a social service personnel substitute.

SM Entertainment initially cited "a recent change in the regulations of the Manpower Military Administration" as the reason for Kai's sudden enlistment. Both the agency and Kai claimed they were surprised by the news, learning about it on the same day.

Some speculated that Kai, who is 29 years old (international age), could still postpone his service since many idols can delay until they're 30. However, an official from the Military Manpower Administration clarified that there had been no change in regulations, contrary to SM's initial statement.

According to the Military Service Act, enlistment can be postponed up to five times within two years. The official suggested that Kai had already reached the maximum number of postponements, leaving him no choice but to comply with the summons. If this is accurate, Korean media claims it was not unexpected, and both the idol and the agency should have anticipated it, generating mixed reactions.

SM Entertainment Faces Backlash Over Initial Statement, Kai's Public Service Worker Application Raises Questions

EXO's full comeback has been further delayed due to Kai's enlistment, frustrating fans who have eagerly awaited the group's complete activities. Consequently, fans are blaming SM Entertainment, particularly for allegedly "lying" about the reason for Kai's enlistment. EXO-Ls argue that the situation could have been different if the agency had scheduled EXO's comeback sooner.

In the meantime, netizens have expressed doubts and skepticism about Kai after learning he applied to become a public service worker. Speculation suggests he will not serve as an active-duty soldier due to past herniated disc and waist injuries.

However, netizens remain unconvinced, leaving comments like:

"He has an injury but can bend his waist when dancing?" "He has no problem on stage but suddenly has health problems when it comes to serving the military?"

In defense of Kai, EXO-Ls have explained that he has suffered from his injuries since his debut but continues to perform without issue, demonstrating his professionalism.