The K-pop community is buzzing with questions about the future of EXO's comeback following the announcement of Kai's military enlistment. As fans await further information from SM Entertainment, speculation grows over the impact of this development on the group's plans.

Kai's Enlistment Revealed by SM Entertainment

On May 3, 2023, SM Entertainment disclosed that EXO member Kai would begin his mandatory military service on May 11 by entering an army recruit training center. Initially slated to participate in EXO's highly anticipated comeback this year, Kai will now serve as a public service worker after completing basic military training. Respecting his wishes, the time and location of Kai's enlistment will remain confidential, with no special event taking place.

Uncertainty Surrounding EXO's Comeback Plans

Kai's enlistment has cast doubt on EXO's eagerly awaited comeback.

The group has begun working on a new album, even offering fans a sneak peek of a fresh track during their recent 11th-anniversary fan meet. Additionally, EXO members mentioned that they would soon commence filming the music video for their forthcoming album.

However, Kai's enlistment could potentially disrupt the timeline and the group's ability to make a full comeback. SM Entertainment has assured fans that they will provide updates on EXO's album plans once details have been finalized.

EXO's Ongoing Activities and Hopes for a Comeback

Despite the uncertainty surrounding their return, the group's members have continued to actively pursue individual projects. For example, Kai released his third mini-album, "Rover," on March 13. Furthermore, EXO celebrated their 11th anniversary with fans at their 2023 fan meet, dubbed "EXO CLOCK," held on April 8-9 at the KSPO Dome.

Following a hiatus due to several members fulfilling their mandatory military service, fans eagerly anticipate EXO's comeback. Chanyeol completed his service in September 2022, while Baekhyun was discharged in February 2023. Since the release of their last album, "Don't Fight The Feeling," in 2021, fans have eagerly awaited a full-group album return.

EXO's Lasting Legacy and Impact on the K-pop Scene

Since their debut in 2012, EXO has remained a dominant force in the K-pop industry, selling millions of albums and earning numerous accolades. The members' solo endeavors have also played a significant role in bolstering the group's popularity.

As Kai's military enlistment looms, concerns about EXO's planned comeback and the possibility of a full-group reunion intensify. Fans continue to express their support for Kai and wish him well during his service, while also eagerly awaiting news from SM Entertainment about EXO's album plans. With the group's recent activities demonstrating their unwavering commitment to their art, fans hope that the much-anticipated comeback will proceed despite the challenges posed by Kai's enlistment.