BLACKPINK's Lisa is set to participate in Taeyang's new album.

According to an OSEN report onAprill 11, BLACKPINK's Lisa will be featured in Taeyang's new album, scheduled for release at the end of April, showcasing a high-profile collaboration.

Not only will Lisa be featured on the track, but she will also appear in the music video to lend her support.

Taeyang and Lisa share a close senior-junior relationship at YG, and this will be their first collaboration through Taeyang's new album.

Lisa has demonstrated her overwhelming presence through her unique dance skills and captivating rap skills with both BLACKPINK and her solo activities. Lisa previously participated in DJ Snake's single "SG" in 2021, but this will be her first collaboration with a domestic artist.

There is growing interest in the synergy that will emerge when these two artists with completely different charms come together.

Meanwhile, Taeyang previously collaborated with BTS's Jimin for the first time on the song "VIBE" (Feat. Jimin of BTS), released in January, which became a global sensation.