MONSTA X's Hyungwon made a successful debut as the new host of SBS's "Inkigayo," demonstrating his talent and charm in front of a captivated audience. On the April 9 episode, Hyungwon expressed his excitement about the new challenge, saying, "There's a different thrill and anticipation to this role compared to when I was on stage as a singer."

With nine years of experience in the music industry, Hyungwon expertly utilized his skills from hosting music shows, radio programs, and variety shows to lead "Inkigayo" with a steady and quick-witted approach. His striking visuals, calming voice, and energetic presence showcased his abilities as an MC throughout the broadcast.

Hyungwon successfully performed a special stage alongside fellow MC Kim Ji-eun, presenting a rendition of "Spring Love Cherry Blossoms." Showcasing his versatility as an artist, he displayed a different side of his charisma and power typically seen during MONSTA X performances. Dressed in a sky-blue top, Hyungwon captivated fans with his sweet, low voice, exuding a spring-like charm.

After completing his first episode as an "Inkigayo" host, Hyungwon shared his thoughts through Starship Entertainment, stating, "I was more nervous than I thought standing in this position. However, with many great senior and junior artists active during my time as a fixed MC, I did my best to calmly highlight their stages." He added, "I hope many people enjoyed our special stage prepared for the spring atmosphere. I will continue to work hard to bring a comfortable and friendly presence as an 'Inkigayo' MC."

As a multi-talented entertainer, Hyungwon is active in various fields, displaying his prowess as a MONSTA X member with smooth dance moves, sophisticated low tones, and R&B vocal capabilities. His self-composed song, "LONE RANGER," with its unique western sound, featured on MONSTA X's 12th mini-album "REASON" in January, showcasing his talent by entering the "Billboard Hot Trending Songs" weekly chart.

Additionally, Hyungwon has released singles under the name DJ H.ONE and has performed at the Ultra Music Festival Korea and other festivals, demonstrating his musical abilities. In November last year, he participated as a producer in the Gatorade campaign advertisement music, featuring Kim Yuna and Lee Dong-gook.

Recently, Hyungwon and the MONSTA X members have been showcasing their fantastic chemistry and explosive variety show skills in their self-produced content, "Mon Meokgo High," which airs every Tuesday at 10 PM. The series has garnered over a million views per episode, making it a legendary self-produced content.

Fans can catch Hyungwon as the host of SBS's "Inkigayo," which is broadcast live every Sunday at 3:50 PM (KST).