MONSTA X's Hyungwon and I.M talked about how they respond to life's situations in Singles magazine's latest issue!

I.M. Reveals Sincerity In Facing Life Situations

I.M revealed that he is a type of person who is contented with what he has. He said that he is working towards doing everything he wants to do regarding how he approaches life.

The idol's original goal was to start exercising at 24 years old, and I began right at that age. He is currently working hard to create a character who can achieve everything he plans and be satisfied.

The MONSTA X member also discussed his solo interview with Forbes magazine earlier this June, which made him earn his nickname "Forbes' man." I.M commented that the situation and opportunity just fell in line. "It's a nickname I don't deserve," he shared.

I.M also shared his interviews overseas being pressured. He divulged that people from other countries ask uncomfortable questions as they find it interesting that foreigners are finding success in their country. "It'd be a lie if I said there was no pressure," he shared with a laugh.

Hyungwoon Loving The Job Of A DJ

During the post-shoot interview, Hyungwon discussed how much he loves being a D.J. He shared that he's been DJing for three years already.

After meeting a D.J., Hyungwoon began learning and found that he could take a much broader approach to music, giving it a different charm from being a singer.

He shared about his unforgettable experience when he is performing where the crowd is very excited. "I continue my work as a D.J. because I want to feel that again. That feeling of becoming one with the crowd and jumping around dancing together makes me feel alive," he expressed.

The idol also continued that he doesn't think there's a better present to his fans than him DJing with music he wrote. "My fans are one of the reasons why I exist."