The global popularity of BTS was once again felt on the TV show "Business Genius Sandy Beach."

On the tvN entertainment program "Business Genius Sandy Beach," which aired on the 2nd, Baek Jong-won started a business in Morocco. While observing the surrounding market, he came up with a new strategy, saying, "We should attract attention by showing the kitchen cooking process. We should focus on showcasing."

He particularly pointed out that if soliciting customers is too aggressive, it can negatively affect potential customers passing by. Unlike Morocco, where soliciting is intense, he aimed to make customers feel comfortable and welcomed.

Upon arriving at a square, Baek Jong-won was startled by the sight of a snake coming out when someone played a flute, admitting, "I personally don't like snakes."

Soon, all the preparations for the business were completed. While moving the luggage on a cart, Lee Jang-woo was worried that something might fall off, and as expected, Baek Jong-won spilled some items and quickly fixed the situation.

Finally, they arrived at the store location, and Lee Jang-woo discussed the menu with a local helper. While talking about the angle of a knife, he mentioned "Korea Army," but the local woman misunderstood "ARMY" as the BTS fan club rather than the military, causing laughter.

Meanwhile, tvN's entertainment program "Business Genius Sandy Beach" features South Korea's top foodservice management expert Baek Jong-won venturing into the world of global food businesses, starting with a Korean restaurant abroad. The show airs every week at 7:40 PM.