South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in (38) has responded to a police summons 50 days after the start of an investigation into drug-related allegations. The actor appeared at the police station to face questioning in the case.

On March 27, Yoo Ah-in appeared at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Drug Crime Investigation Unit at 10 a.m. He arrived wearing a black suit and bowed his head as he entered the building.

The police had initially scheduled Yoo Ah-in's summons for the 24th but postponed it to the 27th after the date was leaked to the media. The summons were conducted privately.

Yoo Ah-in was charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act on the 6th of last month. Hair analysis by the National Forensic Service revealed the presence of propofol, marijuana, and cocaine.

The police conducted a comprehensive investigation for 50 days, focusing on finding evidence to support the National Forensic Service's results. They analyzed 8 years' worth of conversations from two seized cell phones, and forensic extraction records exceeded 10,000 pages. Police also carried out searches at two hospitals and residences.

Medical staff, agency officials, and acquaintances were summoned for questioning as the investigation widened its scope to determine specific timings and locations.

The police plan to conclude the two-month-long investigation following Yoo Ah-in's summons. While it is not difficult to prove the propofol allegations, evidence is needed to specify the criminal facts for the other drugs.

A legal expert said, "The key is to secure objective evidence to support the National Forensic Service's findings," adding that "efforts will be made to obtain an acknowledgment of the allegations through the summons investigation."

Yoo Ah-in's side stated, "He fully acknowledges the mistakes he has made and is reflecting on them," adding, "No apology would be enough. We are sorry." They also said they would "speak the truth as sincerely as possible" but would actively clarify some allegations they consider false.