A Mercedez Benz AMG G63 edition, previously owned by Jungkook of BTS, has fetched 1.2 billion KRW, which is nearly $1 million, at an auction.

The car was put up for auction by Seoul's Auction Black Lot in November. It is a website that makes sales of rare items. The luxurious car's online auction ended on December 13 with its successful sale.

Jungkook bought the car in September 2019 and used it for over two years. The vehicle was bought by a collector in March before being put up for auction.

The bid for the vehicle started at 150 million KRW ($112,000). It was reportedly the BTS golden maknae's favorite car. Jungkook finding a new owner, who was a collector, and could value the car, played a role in putting the vehicle to auction.

The auction pages of Black Lot contained photos of the car from numerous angles as well as specifications about its engine condition and other details. The website, however, did not mention that the car was previously owned by Jungkook, rather saying that it was driven by a global celebrity.

However, the procedures of the auction had to be stopped because of rise in foreign bidders after information was leaked in November that the first owner of the SUV was Jungkook. At that time, when the car's auction was halted, the highest bid had reached around $325,000.

The auction was again resumed on December 6, however, foreigners and minors were banned from bidding for the car.

Jungkook recently won the best collaboration honor along with Charlie Puth for the duet song "Left and Right" at this year's People's Choice Awards. While his group BTS won the Group of the Year trophy as well as the Concert Tour awards for its "Permission to Dance On Stage" concerts.

Meanwhile, Jungkook and his fellow band mates from BTS, namely V, Jimin, SUGA, RM, and J-Hope, got together to bid farewell to oldest group member Jin at his training camp.

Jin has officially become the first BTS member to enlist for his mandatory military service in South Korea.

On December 13, the official Twitter account of BTS posted two photos of the seven members. Jin was seen standing in the center, surrounded by the rest of the Bangtan Boys. All the seven K-pop megastars were seen wearing winter clothes, complete with jackets and padded coats. The musicians wrote, it is time for curtain call, on Weverse.

The remaining six members of BTS also took to their personal Instagram accounts to bid good wishes to Jin, hoping he would stay healthy.