In a new interview with Elle USA, BLACKPINK member Jennie talked about her upcoming role in "Te Idol" by Sam Levinson, discussing what made her want to act in it and how she prepared for her part.

The mega K-pop idol mentioned that she has always been a fan of the work done by Levinson and that it worked magically once they met and talked about the possibility of being on the show.

According to Levinson, Jennie is very hardworking and professional and it is amazing to see her learning a full dance routine in just an hour and then performing it 10 times in a row flawlessly. He added that it is just a small piece of her ability and talent.

During the interview, Jennie revealed that she really hoped that fans would enjoy what they see in the new series on HBO. The globally popular singer shared that she went out of her comfort zone, transcending her music and fashion work to develop and grow even further.

Jennie explained that she had never had to be in a place where she was surrounded by so many people that she was unfamiliar with, and to top it they were all speaking a different language. However, in creativity terms, it felt just the same.

The BLACKPINK members said that she has grown as both a person and artist since her group was first formed six years ago. The singer described herself as lost adding that she did not know who she was when she was off or at work. So now she tries to always take time to take care of herself, checking on herself, and ensuring that she knows where she is at before she gets into any big projects.

Jennie also gave an insight into how she prepared for her role saying she was lucky that Sam was there and he told her to be just herself and therefore she did not try to prepare it perfectly.

"The Idol" is set to premiere next year; however, the official release date has still not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, in the interview, Jennie also shared that before she went for the last tour she was not prepared and did not know what she was walking into and it all just hit her.

Now all four members of BLACKPINK, which includes Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, are paying much more attention to even the minutest details to make it better than their last tour. They have also learned a lot in terms of how they can interact with friends and how to showcase their new songs and how to make the "Born Pink" tour an experience for everyone to remember.