Jungkook recently revealed the behind-the-scenes, moments from the shoot of his photo folio called "Time Difference". The sketch "Me, Myself, ​and Jung Kook" showed the Bangtan Boys maknae ditching his cute image to turn into a sexy vampire.

In the newly released video by BANGTANTV, Jungkook was seen monitoring the photoshoot carefully to produce cool results and thought it was good. According to him the reason behind picking a vampire concept for the pictorials shoot was because he has not shot many conceptual pictorials.

The golden maknae of BTS wanted to try something that was fantasy-like and thought about trying various concepts, ultimately choosing the vampire concept and saying that he had a good time shooting it. a

When questioned why he had glitter on his skin, Jungkook replied that if someone watches a vampire movie they will know that a vampire's skin shines during the day because of the sun and he wanted to portray that facet with the help of the glitters.

During the behind-the-scene moments from the shoot, Jungkook was also seen asking what to do with the curtains behind him and then incorporated those in the shoot too.

The megastar also kept trying different hairstyles for the various concepts and wore red contact lenses to represent a vampire's blood-red eyes. He also sported smudges of red lipstick on his lips to perfect the vampire look.

Jungkook quipped that since he cannot actually eat people for this, so he used the lipstick to look like he did. According to the global idol, movies depict vampires who drink human blood as having red eyes and those who do not have yellow eyes. So as far as his representation for the shoot went, Junkook said he was a vampire who drank human blood.

The K-pop artist also changed into a different outfit for the night shoot adding that he was awake as the night was here because vampires are nocturnal and they do not sleep at night.

Jungkook shared that though vampires do not feel cold as they can live anywhere, he himself was in fact feeling cold at that moment, pausing to show the heat packs in his hands.

The singer, who turned 25 (international age) on September 1 mentioned that his eyes were so red indicating that he could go and start hunting, especially since it was night. He also asked all his fans to be careful because he would " find you and bite you". Not that the ARMY would mind!