Lee Dong Wook, who is a popular actor from South Korea, recently had an interaction with fans via a private messaging feature available on the app Universe.

During the interactions, the actor found himself on the receiving end of incessant demands from fans who went on asking him to share the selcas (selfies) of his co-stars.

Wook responded to the requests by telling the fans who were requesting selcas of Kim Bum to go and ask Bummie directly and why were they asking him. He directly told the fans to ask for selfies of Kim Bum with that actor himself.

Moreover, Wook also said that he was not being jealous rather the fans asking him for his co-stars' photos probably didn't know his personality that well. Furthermore, why would he talk about other actors on the Universe app in the first place?

The actor disclosed that during During 'V Live' there are always people who ask him about other actors, adding that he was not speaking in this manner out of jealousy as he was not so. Instead, he was trying to explain things in a clear cut manner, in a way that fans can understand. He also asked them to not be rude just because they were interacting via a messaging app.

Wook mentioned he was on the app to have a nice time with his fans, talk about good things, and laugh together. So why were there people trying to meddle in that? The actor enunciated that he was not angry, rather it was time that he went over this at least once.

The actor concluded by saying that he was talking about basic etiquette. He said that when it came to addressing these kinds of matters, using only text messages could be frustrating. He asked fans not to misunderstand him.

Netizens have since then applauded Wook for his stern and direct remarks toward the fans. They came forward on social media platforms and online communities to say that many people interact online

lack even the most basic manners.

Fans said that they were glad that Wook cleared the air and it was understandable how frustrating it can be for a person to have to constantly give answers on behalf of someone who is not even there. It just showed that the people who keep doing that do not have the brains to understand what Wook was talking about.