The Korean Business Research Institute recently released the July brand reputation rankings for the K-pop girls group based on data collected during June 10-July 10. It is determined by analyzing several factors including the community indices of different girls groups, the volume of interaction and communication, coverage in media, and consumer participation.

July is the second consecutive month when the K-pop mega group BLACKPINK, comprising members Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé, has ranked No. 1 on the list, earning 3,133,666 points on the brand reputation index. The positivity-negativity analysis four the four-member band reflects a score of 77.81 percent positive reactions.

In the keyword analysis of BLACKPINK, the band's highest-ranking phrases include "make a comeback", "surpass", and model and high-ranking phrases include "Lisa", "fashion show", and "Instagram". It should be noted that the band recently made an announcement regarding their long-awaited comeback which is referenced by one of the highest-ranking BLACKPINK phrases.

Incidentally, quite a few of the phrases are related to band maknae, the Thai-born Lisa alone. The superstar made a recent appearance during the CELINE fashion show at the Nen's Fashion Week in Paris, where she was a special guest along with Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS, and actor Park Bo Gum.

Meanwhile, K-pop girl group IVE moved up a spot in comparison to June as this month they ranked at No. 2.

At the No. 3 spot is band fromis_9 with a brand reputation index of 2,882,432 points, with a brand reputation index of 2,882,432 points, highlighting a sharp increase of 180.45 percent from their score last month.

(G)I-DLE ranked at No. 4 for July, which reflects a brand reputation index of 2,719,855 points. TWICE follows closely at No. 5 with a brand reputation index of 2,709,945 points.

For the men's equivalent list, it comes as no surprise that BTS topped it, that too for the 50th consecutive month, a whopping achievement, with a brand reputation index of 5,786,587.

It is interesting to note that one of the high-ranking phrases for both BLACKPINK and BTS are related to the band maknae, that is the youngest member of the group, Lisa and Jungkook respectively. For the Bangtan Boys, the other high ranking-words include "J-Hope" and "Proof", while the highest-ranking phrases include "respond", "release", and "promote".

The BTS-related terms and phrases correlate to the new solo releases by Jungkook and J-Hope as well as the band's recent anniversary album.