J-Hope is the first BTS member to step forward in the new hiatus chapter of the band by gearing up to release "Jack in the Box", his first solo release.

Hobi dropped the new and exciting tracklist teaser clip showcasing the titles of all the songs, which will feature in his new album, with the help of an abstract 3D video.

According to the newly-released clip, the album will include 10 songs, including "Intro", "MORE", "Arson", "Future", "Safety Zone", "What if...", "Music Box: Reflection", "= (Equal Sign)" "STOP", and "Pandora's Box".

"Jack in the Box" is slated for a July 15 release. Meanwhile, Hobi has been baffling fans with the cryptic visuals of the launched concept images. They show the superstar in an eerie light, leading to fan theories that "Jack in the Box" will show a darker side of Hobi.

In fact, in an earlier interview, the rapper had mentioned his desire to show an extremely raw and dark side with his music, with "More" giving a glimpse into it.

The singer has usually been synonymous with airy and bright aesthetics, which has been reflected in his personality, fashion, and music. J-Hope has himself said that he often presents a sunny demeanor, therefore he has a strong desire to display a different side of him. Moreover, he personally challenged himself to do that in his current projects.

According to the singer, the new album will lend voice to his aspirations of breaking the mold and growing further. It will represent Hobi's own musical personality and vision as an artist. It is something that he has never done before and thereby the Bangtan Boy is excited to try something new.

Hobi also shared that he was heavily influenced by what his heart was telling him, and that's why he decided to give it a try.

With the new album, everyone will see how multi-faceted the South Korean star actually is. It will also be a departure from the past sounds of Hobi that bordered on pop and hip hop. The teaser video that the singer released on his personal Instagram account gave a look into new sounds including jazzy beats.

Meanwhile, Hobi had equal participation in the composition and conceptualization of the debut album in addition to writing the lyrics and producing it. It also indicates that the project will be an accurate representation of how Hobi has evolved as a soloist.